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Tripode Manfrotto 504HD Head w/536

MFR # 504HD,536K

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Precio normal : $ 1.082.900

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Professional 504HD MPRO sytem combined with the carbon fiber 536 tripod. A torsion rigidity superior to that of an equivalent aluminium twin-strut tripod means that an MPRO system offers better protection against “backlash” effects at the end of pan movements. Special carbon fiber tubing and magnesium castings also bring notable weight savings to the MPRO range, making them easy to carry and transport. Another feature worth pointing out is that MPRO range also offer incredibly versatile and speedy height adjustment anywhere, without needing any accessories, from 40cm (15.7in) to 217cm (85in)…all from a single system. Ideal for new DSLR-Video cameras

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